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WMD Welcome and Introduction to the Program

Welcome to the Weapons of Mass Destruction Course.

This training is designed to take 4 hours of time to complete. It consists of videos, questions and quizzes. Each is to be done in order and you will not be able to move forward until you complete each task that is required to get your certification.

It is important to watch each video and follow along with the “Narrators Transcript” with each lesson. The more you put into learning this information the more prepared you are for being a professional security officer.

There are four chapters:

Chapter 1: The Role of the Security Officer in Preventing an Incident

Chapter 2: The Nature of Terrorism

Chapter 3: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Chapter 4: Coordination of Critical Information

Download the following PDF course material to use in this lesson:

a. Chapter 3.1 Activity #5 Handout

b. Glossary

c. Quick Reference Card

This 4-hour training program is brought to you by the California Department of Consumer Affairs and the Governor’s Office. As you are well aware, our country is threatened by potential terrorist activities. Potential targets are many, but they do have one thing in common: they are either locations of great economic importance or they are places where large numbers of people gather. In almost all cases, the places where you work could be either a target or a potential source of resources for terrorist criminals.

This training video, and its activities, have been developed specifically for you. They are designed to make you more aware of what to look out for to help prevent future attacks. We invite you to participate fully in this important training and to ask questions of and provide suggestions to your facilitator.

You are essential for our security.